Tuesday, August 7, 2012

11. University of Minnesota, East Bank campus, Walter Library

Also not a MELSA library, the Walter Library at the U of M is specialized now, but in "my time" it was the main campus library. I loved studying and doing research in the stacks here. I spent plenty of time here as a grad student. I also spent many Saturday mornings here in the mid-90s, doing research for the design of the PLATO Learning, Inc. Advanced Reading product. It was closed later in the 90s for a major upgrade, including new windows for energy savings. I'm happy to say that the upgrade in no way spoiled the classic look of the building, in my opinion.

I am sorry that Walter Library no longer houses the Kerlan collection of children's literature. That room, with the huge fireplace, was extraordinary. I brought some Girl Scouts there once so that they could see and handle manuscripts by their favorite authors. I hope at least some of them remember that day.

6/26/2012, bus and walking

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