Tuesday, August 7, 2012

40. St. Paul, Sunray branch

This was "my" library when I moved to St. Paul in 1973, when it was new. It's grown and changed a lot! The kids' area is fantastic; I've heard that it's the result of a collaboration with the St. Paul Children's Museum. When I was there, four kids were busy in the "diner," taking orders and "cooking" like crazy. Just all kinds of cool things, things you'd like to see in kindergarten but more and more--don't.
Good provision for adults, too, including a special job resources center. They're next door to 3M, which may be why they have a sleek new 3M checkout machine like none I've seen before. And you can't use the bookdrop when the library is open--you have to bring them in and put them on a one-at-a-time conveyor.
7/17/12, bus

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