Wednesday, August 8, 2012

81. St. Paul, Arlington Hills

The bus stop was 3-4 blocks from the library. I don't know this part of St. Paul well at all. After riding the bus south on Arcade, I walked through a well-kept neighborhood and suddenly came upon a genuine Carnegie library! Like all of its ilk, the building is handsome, with tall windows curved at the top and a high ceiling.

The building had only been open about 20 minutes when I arrived, and already the computers were busy and there was a general sense of purposeful activity. Both adult and kids' areas had material in several languages. [I managed to forget my notebook--what is it with me and note-taking? I took notes on a couple of pieces of scratch paper that I found next to a computer, and tucked the papers into the book I took out. Now those notes seem to have vanished.]

I enjoyed talking to library staff, and provided the blog address. I hope the woman I talked to will comment and add whatever I've missed here.

8/8/12, bus

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