Tuesday, August 7, 2012

64. Dakota County, Farmington

Toward the back, book shelves were sort of fanned out, the way my high school band used to turned corners. It made a nice transition to the children's area. A sign on the back wall at the service desk reminds patrons that if they owe $50 or more, their account will go to a collection agency. MIght as well just come out and tell them! Shelves were clearly labeled with signs like "Childrens Fiction A - G," "Non-fiction 001 - 245," etc. Signs were even color-coded, with red for kids, green for teens (nice mnemonic there) and blue for adults. There was a big crowd of kids for a program in the meeting room.
7/26/12, car
Because I wanted this picture with the neat sculpture, I left a couple of books and my notebook on the back of my car. I returned to the car from a different direction and forgot about the books and notebook. At home the same evening, I checked my Dakota County account and was shocked to see that I owed a chunk of money for two damaged books! Apparently they fell off as I left the parking lot, and were found by someone who turned them in. I paid the money online and called the library the next morning. Since I'd paid for them, I now owned two busted books, and they kindly agreed to send them to the one remaining branch in Dakota County. No sign of my notebook! But isn't it a great sculpture?

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