Wednesday, August 8, 2012

80. Ramsey County, Mounds View

The children's area has a fire engine bookshelf/reading seat, great for the imagination. In the teen corner, the ubiquitous booth seating has been opened to 90 degrees; it looks to me more inviting and flexible that way than the same seats would in a parallel, facing "booth" orientation. The wall pockets for periodicals are nice. One minor issue: the shelves are labeled only on one end, not too helpful if you have walked through the library and are looking for something on the way back.

There was a State Fair display in the entry, and framed State Fair posters on the wall.

As usual, I find it difficult to know what to write about RCL branches; too close to home, I guess. Anyone familiar with MV, please add comments!

8/6/12, bus


  1. My daughter loves the fire engine bookshelf, and has organized a few little games there. They also have puzzles and stuffed animals, and great nooks for seating. The manage to do a lot in a small space.
    My favorite part of the library is the staff. We used to walk to MV, but after we moved we still drive there.

  2. Good to hear how much your daughter loves that fire engine! I don't know where you've moved, but have you considered trying the bus? Route 25 up Silver Lake Road got me within less than half a mile of the library, and it was a nice stroll with sidewalks.


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