Wednesday, August 22, 2012

102. Hennepin County, Northeast Branch

There has been a library in this area for many years; I went to a writers' workshop in one in the 80s. This building, however, is only a year old. It makes the most of space for windows on three sides. One wall of windows has a shelf/counter the whole length with outlets for laptops.

The world language section includes Hindi, Somali, and Spanish, that I noticed. The periodicals rack has several copies of a sign pointing out that "It's against the law to cut articles...etc." and reminding patrons that a copy machine is available.

Panels between computers are very attractive, with gray-scale reproductions of early photos from the neighborhood. In many cases, as here, libraries are the repositories of local history and memory.

The kids' area has a variety of table and seating options, and a structure a bit like a playhouse; I didn't get a very good look, because two girls, age 10 or so, were ensconced inside, engrossed in books, and I didn't want to bother them. A window in this area looks out on a small area of plants in front of the library.

I like the use of brick on the walls and wood on the ceiling. The ceiling is complemented by occasional rustic tables of natural wood. And I found a really good treat at a bakery located between the library and my bus stop.

By the way, this was "library 100" in my quest to visit all the MELSA libraries this summer.


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