Wednesday, August 8, 2012

79. Hennepin County, Augsburg Park, Richfield

I like the windows that come down to the floor in the periodical browsing area and look out on grass, trees, and a playground. There's a nice 2-sided fireplace and a quiet study room with window walls on three sides, one side looking outdoors and two into other parts of the library. The kids' area has an easy chair and a couch, and two pre-teen girls were ensconced, reading and looking very cozy. Pictures books are in a large alcove with windows, and a lot of Bookawocky read/write/draw pages are posted. I like the big kites near the ceiling, and the sculpture and other art displayed throughout. Collections include Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali material.

Large signs hanging from the ceiling guide the user to the Service Desk, Information, and Express Checkout. First place other than Minneapolis Central where I've seen uniformed security; there was also a sign "DVDs now held behind service desk, ask for help." Signs of a problem?

8/6/12, bus

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