Tuesday, August 7, 2012

70. Hennepin County, Ridgedale, Minnetonka

 This place is BIG, and it shares space with other county services.

First issue: the bus stop, coming from the east, is across the street in the middle of a "block." There needs to be at least a painted pedestrian crossing and a sign. A man crossing with me (on crutches) said that a few years ago he saw a woman "tossed in the air" by a passing car here.

Everything in the library seems designed to foster learning in young kids: count the 30 stairs, B is the letter of the week for story hour, maps, greetings in various languages, suggestions to parents or caregivers. Two little girls were having blast pretending to fish in a "pond" laminated on the floor in the kids' area. Hard to mention everything I saw here, but I espeically liked the computers dedicated to Homework Helper during the year, and set aside for teens over the summer. (No teens were using them, but still....) One computer in another area bore the sign "Workstation reserved for volunteer computer tutor." Large "quiet study room." Good light; I think the tall windows on the left in the picture are in the kids' area. World maps in several sizes and locations; I totally approve of that! More and more.

7/30/12, bus

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