Tuesday, August 7, 2012

76. Dakota County, Robert Trail branch, Rosemount

Very handsome vaulted ceiling with laminated wood posts and arches. World languages collection. A week of newspapers displayed on racks, nice. The near-black carpet squares with varied and subtle patterns are very attractive. Teen area with booths (this seems to be the in thing). Cute wooden chairs in the kids' area, with colorful different-shaped backs. LOTS of book/tape sets. Storytime kits in plastic boxes. Big window corner with a 2-level bench/platform. Separate restroom for kids 12 and under; those older told to use the restrooms in the lobby. I liked the big framed Early Literacy Begins with You poster.
I did get back the books from Farmington, but only because a helpful staffer searched for them.
It would be nice if the staff knew more about the bus and where/what Rosemount Plaza is, since that's where one catches the bus. (Senior apartments, across from VFW)
8/3/12, bus

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