Thursday, August 16, 2012

94. Hennepin County, Minnetonka

A light, bright program area looked as if it could be configured for kids' or adults' programs. The kids' area had three computers, a thick binder of Read Write Draw pages, a separate fairly tale section (I like that), bins of E books and shelves of J books. I noticed that there were children's books in both Spanish and Chinese; I forgot to ask whether these are home languages, or languages that they would study in school.

Anyone who has read many of these entries will know that I was happy to see a curved window area that looked out into trees! And in the paperback fiction area, I liked a modest sign that said "Please ask for a bookmark, don't bend down pages." A small, colorful teen room was occupied by an older man with his laptop; I didn't spot any teens during this mid-afternoon visit. Well, maybe one, at one of the dozen or so computers.

The reference desk has that "I can help you..." sign that I'm fond of. Must get "my" library to put up one of those! Staff told me that this branch is known for its large collection of movies, and because of its location it handles a lot of requests and returns.

I think I could have come here by bus--I saw a Metro Transit sign not too far down the road after I left--but the Route Finder on line said no. Perhaps I'll try it another day, and try some of the nearby trails.

8/16/12, car

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