Friday, August 17, 2012

96. St. Paul, West 7th

I was told that this is the smallest branch in the St. Paul Public Library system, and I have no reason to doubt that claim. I propose that it also has the most dynamic and energetic staff person you could imagine. The library is within a community center, and has a wonderful new playground right outside. One of the first things I noticed was a frieze of paintings running along the ceiling all around the room. They were painted by children in grades 5 though 8, under the guidance of a volunteer artist, to commemorate the renovation completed in 2010, and each represents a book. The curved top on each panel evokes the flow of the Mississippi.

One end of the space is a glass-walled room with 10 public computers, and there is another computer in the kids' area. There is also a bright "Hungry Caterpillar" rug and bins of picture books. The collection seems to include a bit of everything. In keeping with its small size, items here may not be requested.

This is the first place where I saw a sign indicating that faxes can be sent (not received), for a fee, at all St. Paul libraries.

At the point when other branches were stopping book deliveries to the homebound, West 7th joined forces with Meals on Wheels so that books and movies can be requested and then delivered by the MoW drivers. Very nice.

The library is to the right in the pictures.

8/17/12, bus

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