Tuesday, August 7, 2012

71. St. Paul, Highland Park

OK, you can only see the steps. They do lead up to a library. Library as favorite stuffed animal, I think: much loved and much worn. What I liked best, that I haven't seen anywhere else, was a quantity of kids who seemed to be on their own (I'm sure there were appropriate adults nearby) and were reading independently, some to themselves, some to each other. It appeared that it was necessary to go through the adult area to get to the kids' area, which could be a problem at times, I think. Another thing I liked was that books most libraries call "E" for "easy" were instead called "J picture books." Perhaps this is a solution to the fact that St. Paul uses LOC classification, and "E" is for history, but I like the result. I liked the big box on wheels labeled "Put books here for reshelving" and a sign at the Bookawocky table "We are so glad you are interested in the summer reading program; please go to the Information desk;" this sign was used when the volunteer had to leave the table. Nice, friendly touch.
7/30/12, bus

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