Wednesday, August 15, 2012

90. Hennepin County, Rockford Road branch, Crystal

The first thing I spotted in the kids' area was a fire engine that reminded me of the one at Moundsview. A laminated table had written clues and small pictures of book covers, with a prompt to try and match them. (I love these laminated tables I see in so many branches.) A large batch of Read Write Draw papers were in a 3-ring binder. Three boys were at computers in the kids' area, facing windows but seeming to be quite caught up in whatever was on their screens.

There are a pair of DVD/VHS players with screens, not something I've seen in many other places. Public computers were tucked everywhere. There is a Spanish section, a couple of locked study rooms, and a couple of adaptive technology rooms. Adaptive tech rooms are not something I've spotted outside of Minneapolis Central, though surely there are some I've missed.

I feel that I'm not doing this branch justice, perhaps because I was concerned about the bus schedule; I hope someone will jump in here with more details. Please?

And I'm sorry about the uninspiring picture; what was I thinking?

8/15/12, bus

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