Tuesday, August 21, 2012

98, Hennepin County, St. Louis Park

Nice hardwood floor play space in a window bay in the kids' area and bins for picture books, and a special bookcase for board books.  I think this would be easier to keep clean than carpet. There is a large collection of Boy Scout merit badge booklets--you don't see those often, and I haven't spotted them at any other branch. The teen area has a whiteboard on an easel with the question "What are you reading?" Given some of the responses, I'd say the younger crowd has been contributing.

There's some very nice artwork, including a carved panel of trees and landscape and some paintings in the teen area done by a kid who was in high school about 8 years ago. The furniture, including shelving, is mainly wooden, with details that seem to me to give a Craftsman look.

There is a large collection of books in Russian for kids and adults, with a sign that says, in Russian, (with a translation, thank you): "Dear Patrons, don't write in books please." When I see these unique signs, and almost every branch has something of the sort, I try to imagine what might have prompted the sign.

A second window bay, at the opposite end of the building from the kids' area, is for adult browsing, and has a "living room" feeling that I find very pleasant.

8/21/12, bus

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