Wednesday, August 22, 2012

103. Hennepin County, St. Anthony branch

This is a store-front branch, and like the others I've seen, it's making excellent use of limited space. Teens have a small space immediately to the right inside the door, with one computer and places for laptop use. To the left are the copy machine and printer, the adult collection, computers, and periodicals. Both of these spaces have large windows.

The kids' area is small but seems to have a bit of everything. I really like the low padded chairs with duck feet! Two computers are reserved for "12 and under." A meeting room has a row of glass doors that can be opened to increase the space available for programs.

The staff person I spoke to was able to directly me exactly to where my next bus would arrive. I have had occasion to wish that more library staff were more knowlegable about public transportation in their area.


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