Tuesday, August 7, 2012

19. Anoka County, St. Francis Library

I had to snag this picture from the library's website because my batteries quit. (Note to self: get back up there, with batteries!) (Note to St. Francis/Anoka staff: sorry about borrowing your picture.)

Tiny library, but when I arrived about a dozen young grade school kids were leaving, and at least that many pre-schoolers / toddlers were starting a program. Sometimes it has seemed that the smaller the library, the more is going on. Still no notebook, can somebody add some details?

I returned, and can now mention the tall, slim windows that mostly look out to trees (yes, I have a thing about windows in libraries), and a good flyer titled "How does our child hear and talk?" for birth to 5 years, from the American Speech Language Hearing Association. There are a handful of computers, but the Internet connection was down. I walked around through the adult area, where two people were sitting at a table; one asked the other, "Who is that?" Yes, folks, occasionally someone might come into your library whom you haven't seen before!

7/12/2012, car

I've deleted the purloined pic, and replaced it with two that I took on 8/27. And thanks for the ice cream tip; you're right, it's an interesting place, and the ice cream is good.

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