Tuesday, August 7, 2012

15. St. Paul, Hamline-Midway Library

This branch is small, but has a good selection of kids' books, fiction, and non-fiction, plus AV media. It is very popular in the neighborhood, as was clear when St. Paul tried to close it. This branch runs a lot of programs for kids and adults. I know there is a meeting room with a fireplace in the basement, but I've never been down there.

On a good (cooler) day, I can walk to this one. In fact, I walked there a lot until I started take classes at the U; at that point, two other libraries that are on my bus routes took over.

7/2/2012, bus

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  1. I mentioned that this library is very popular with its neighborhood, and has fended off attempts to cause its extinction. For a great article about the library's attempts to survive and thrive, check out this item from the October 2012 Monitor:


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