Tuesday, August 7, 2012

13. Ramsey County, Shoreview Library

This is my place of parttime employment, shortly after closing. This branch is in line for some remodeling, which it can use. There is a good collection crowding the shelves in the children's area; well, in all areas, really. Perhaps the finest feature is a "bay window" in the back for adult browsing; plenty of light there. The Friends of the Library have an honor-system bookstore here.

Unlike most libraries, many of the public computers are spread along an outside wall, rather than being grouped in a central area. This provides nice views into trees, but perhaps the remodeling will give the nice views to readers and browsers instead!

It's hard to write about the place where I work. Perhaps my co-workers will help out here.

 6/28/2012, car (I can get here by bus, but not in a way that fits my work schedule.)

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