Tuesday, August 7, 2012

77. Hennepin County, Oxboro branch, Bloomington

I've driven past many times but never stopped before. There is a bench outside, near the front entrance, in a small group of trees; looked inviting. Kids were running around, not in a disruptive way, more like "we are totally at home here." Aquarium. The diagonal layout reminds me of Trader Joe's in Tyngsboro, MA; takes a bit of getting used to. Sizable world language collections for adults and kids, mostly Spanish. All of the non-fiction is shelved together. Sitting area with fireplace and windows, another "everyone has it" feature. Attractive quilt on the wall made by the Latino Club. Separate triangular areas for little kids (E) and older kids (J). Each area had several computers and appropriate seating. One windowed area had many strings of origami cranes.
8/4/12, bus

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  1. I really should get back here. Whenever I write a short post and say I got there by bus, I was probably trying to catch the next bus and visit too many libraries in one day. I'll try to fix this in the summer.


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