Saturday, February 15, 2014

Webber Park - Hennepin County, MN -- Revisit?

In an earlier post, I shared a link to an article about this library; here's the link again: .
Despite the article title, the library has not remained closed, though it is no longer in the same building. I've been meaning to visit Webber Park Branch in its temporary location ever since it opened, and today, despite light snow and some puzzling Mapquest directions, I made it. It's an example of providing what is needed by the community, and only what is needed, in a pleasant but basic way.

The browsing collection is very small, but ranges across non-fiction, fiction, romance, sci-fi, westerns, and mysteries. Of course, this collection is supplemented by access on request to anything in the Hennepin County system.

The children's area is the size of the large, colorful rug that defines it. There are children's books on wall shelves, and picture books in bins. A tween, one of two patrons present, was working on a puzzle when I was there. An area near the front is designated for teens. I counted 12 public access computers, including two for teens, two for kids, and two "express" for short sessions. None of the computers were in use, which I attribute mainly to the unpleasant weather.

Two staff were on duty today, and I think I met one or both of them when I visited the former site in the summer of 2012. I should have asked about programming, like story hours or adult programs, but I forgot. Perhaps someone will provide information in a comment? Please?

I commend this branch for carrying on despite the loss of their building in the park, and I hope that Hennepin County is able to put them on the fast track for a new building.

In addition to the link above, look here for more information:

2/15/2014,  car

Looking at this photo, I wish that I had asked whether the "OPEN" sign is the one they had at the old location. I thought it was special, because it has a "donated by" designation on the back.