Tuesday, August 7, 2012

35. Hennepin County, Maple Grove

Interesting building in the heart of "town"--all sorts of park features have grown up here since I first went to Maple Grove. I like the long porch with the Adirondack chairs. The teen area has a number of round booths with tables and counters with stools, and it's right inside the front door. The whole space has a very open feeling. A neat touch is to have desks on wheels in the study room; work alone, or join with others, your choice. There's nice information on the wall about the "green" features of the building and site.

A co-worker who has visited this library mentioned that it's hard to locate specific areas, at least on a first visit. This was my second trip here, and I agree. Once you know the place a bit, however, it's not a problem.

7/13/12, car

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