Monday, August 27, 2012

On beyond MELSA

I had so much fun visiting MELSA branches, I've decided not to stop. Anyway, these visits seem to be somewhat addictive, and they do prevent me from cleaning the house.

From this point, posts might be from any library at all, but I'm starting with visits to one branch in the MORE group, 50 libraries across the river in Wisconsin, and two in the Great River Regional Library System, which covers Todd, Morrison, Benton, Sherburne, Wright, and Stearns counties in Minnesota.

I received a tip from someone at the Stillwater library that the Verona, Wisconsin library is not to be missed. I have a little favorite in upstate New York, and a friend says I must come back to the library in Siskiyou in California. My sister Jean wants me to see the Hollis, NH, library. I need to get pictures of the library I worked at when I was in high school, and I'd like to visit the libraries where my Aunt Ruth McEvoy worked in the 30s (Brooklyn, NY) and later (Batavia, NY). So please keep coming back to see where I've been. Make comments. Leave suggestions!

But Labor Day is almost here, and with Labor Day come classes at the U of MN and reading to classes at the local elementary school; and of course, I still have my parttime library job. New entries will probably come in little bursts.

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