Tuesday, August 7, 2012

14. Dakota County, Wescott Library, Eagan

Looong bus trip but so worth it. Full of natural light, very creative children's area, large reference area, friendly people. Unfortunately, I still hadn't figured out that I needed a notebook.

Somebody who knows this library, please post about the creative children's area!

7/2/2012, bus


  1. We have a lovely children's area, filled with many playsets for creative and 'play-pretend' situations mimicking adult life- a row boat to fish from, a post office with mail boxes put around the kids area to mail letters, a plane to fly, and hanging stuffed animals from the ceiling. There are also cozy chairs for reading, a separated play/read area and fun posters on the bookshelves. I love this library's look, one of the main reasons I wanted to work here!

    1. Thanks, Ninja! Your description brings the mental images back. I might have to make another visit, once the project is over, and get another look.

  2. Since I wrote that comment on August 14, I've realized that the project will never be "over" -- there are more than 16,000 libraries just in the USA, and the blog title is "every library I can." But I still plan to return to Wescott and fill in some more details.


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