Tuesday, August 7, 2012

75. Washington County, Oakdale

A very nice library. From my notes: four restrooms, all unisex, each labeled with symbols for male, female, handicap, and each with a urinal (I assume). Vaulted roof looks nice. J and Y fiction shelved together; I haven't noticed that before. They must be quite careful about which Y titles they carry! Lots of teen book reviews from the summer reading program were posted. Favorite: display of pictures from Critter Camp. Kids bring a stuffed animal to the library and leave it for a week. Children's librarian poses the animals in various camping scenes. Kids come back after a week and get the animal back, along with camp pictures and the animals "award" for some camp-related "skill." I saw this at another branch, but this is the first time I saw the resulting pictures. Very cute, and kids must love it. And it takes a very special librarian to pull this off. I hope he/she has volunteers to help! 
This area is not as rural as it was until recently, but I like the architectural details on the roof that evoke midwestern barns.
8/1/12, car


  1. The Y books you saw with the J books are actually a category that was YT--young teen--that WCL no longer uses. It was a late elementary school age group type of designation. The YA/teen stuff is separate!

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Anonymous! When I shelve Y books where I work, I often wish there were a distinction between young-Y and old-Y.


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