Wednesday, August 8, 2012

82, St. Paul, Dayton's Bluff

This unusual branch is part of the Metropolitan State University campus; in fact, entering the library took me past the MSU bookstore and the entrance to the university library. Nice cooperation!

The first sign that caught my eye told how to get free interpreter service. Voter registration forms were readily available, along with large buttons that say "Vote in honor of a veteran. My vote honors _________." When I left and was heading down W. 7th on the bus, I saw a sign indicating MSU's commitment to voter registration.

There's an enclosed computer room called "The Zone." Its schedule for today was Job Search, 12-3; free snack for anyone up to age 18, 12:30-3:30 (many sites in the city offer this in the summer); and PowerPoint class 4-6.

There are windows along one wall and around a corner. The view was mostly of concrete, with some shrubs and trees, but it was light and connected to the outside world. I asked the volunteer in the children's area what I should be sure to note about this branch, and she mentioned how busy they usually are in the summer. I asked the same question of a staff person at the service desk and she pointed out that the building is quite new, about 8 years old. The connection with MSU allowed some funding advantages, including having The Zone for homework helper programs during the school year.

There was a lot of neighborhood and consumer information available in several languages. Definitely an interesting and vibrant branch.

8/8/12, bus

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