Tuesday, August 7, 2012

68. Hennepin, Hosmer branch, Minneapolis

You can tell this is a Carnegie library even before you step inside. The addition on the back blends very nicely. Woodwork, tall windows, some stained glass. I liked the fact that every shelf had a book displayed on a stand; it made the books so appealing, I almost took out more than I cared to carry. (Instead, I made a list, and I will request them later.) There is a separate section for language-learning tools. Lots of J non-fiction in its own area. A separate room for the little kids, with couches and shelves/bins of picture books. A kite is inlaid in the floor outside this room, with the tail leading to the door. Directly inside the door, to the left, is the media collection; to the right, fiction and periodicals and chairs for browsers. A community room is downstairs. What did I miss?
7/27/12, bus

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