Tuesday, August 7, 2012

59. Dakota County, Galaxie, Apple Valley

Kids' summer book club called "Book-a-Talky"--nice play on the Bookawocky theme! Here, as many other places, I like the colored keyboards on the kids' computers. The kids' program area has a set of curved, carpeted levels that looked like they could be seats or even a sort of stage. The central desk is labeled "Information and Reference," no ambiguity there. I like the way NF shelves are labeled with topics large and at eye level, Dewey numbers above. Check-out instructions say to put item on pad (RFID) or scan; I asked about this, because where I work we are still reminding people to not scan bar codes. Here, ILL books are shelved with other requests, and patrons have learned to scan ILL barcodes, put other books on the pad. Smart patrons!
7/19/12, bus

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