Tuesday, August 7, 2012

12. St. Paul, St. Anthony Park library

This little gem is a genuine Carnegie library. I especially like the round children's area on the back, with shelves radiating like spokes from a central area. There is a special children's reading garden at the south side, and gardens and benches in front on the triangular lot.

I get in here once in a while because it's on one of my bus routes to the U of M. Occasionally I even walk from home, about 3 miles.

Susan, what else should be said?

6/27/2012, bus


  1. Thank you, Ellen!

    I'd love to know what kinds of books you get from us when you stop by here on the way to the U.

    --Susan Henry

    1. My book-borrowing is very eclectic. Probably most frequent would be children's picture books. Last year, I read once a week to four classes at Chelsea Heights School: K, 1, 2, and 3. So I'm constantly on the lookout for books that I think will work. I hope to continue this practice in the coming year. I find most of my books while shelving kids' books up in Shoreview, and I have a friend in tech services who watches the brand-new books and alerts me to ones I might like.

      Other years, when I haven't been haring around the countryside visiting libraries, I've come to St. Anthony during long walks, for a place where I can get a drink of water and sit for a while. In that case, I probably check out non-fiction related to education. I looked for a John Sandford book in there the other day, but you didn't have the one I needed. [I'm working my way through the Lucas Davenport stories during all my bus riding.]

      St. Anthony is at a bit of a disadvantage, because it means getting off one #3 bus and then catching another.


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