Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7. Washington County, Woodbury Library

Revisited on 4/27/13.

I went here first to hear Alexander McCall-Smith speak (a real hoot), then returned another time as part of the Washington County "loop." Have to love a library that shares a building with an indoor park and an ice cream shop. Nice people. Librarians here were wearing bright blue Bookawocky T-shirts--I want one!  Woodbury had an adult summer reading program that involved a bingo-type card. Thanks to one item on that card, I read a book published in my birth year, "Sold to the Ladies." Had to get it from the Minneapolis off-site storage, and it was great fun to read; thanks, Woodbury! My prize was a coupon for a book on their "books for sale" shelf. I hope I can find it the card again--it will be an excuse for a book-and-ice cream trip one of these days.

Yes, great library, too--but no notes! Sorry.

 6/23/2012, car

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  1. First, I'll point out that this is the R. H. Stafford library...I should have given its formal name before.

    Second, this library is about to celebrate its 10th birthday. If you can get out there on Saturday, November 17, you can join in the fun. I'll be working in Shoreview that day, darn it, or I'd be there for sure!


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