Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3. Ramsey County, White Bear Lake Library

Revisited; see post on April 27 or search for "White Bear".

Through the vagaries of geography, this Ramsey County library snuck into the Washington County circle (oval) drive. This is a small branch. I find that it's harder to write about the Ramsey County branches, since I work for that county. Perhaps someone there will add the missing details!

6/23/2012, car (probably could have been bus)


  1. this library is being remodeled starting june 6th 2014

  2. Indeed it is being remodeled, and the library where I work will be picking up some of the business. I look forward to visiting when the work is done...the plans look excellent.

  3. The white bear lake library reopened yesterday April 11th

  4. Indeed it did. I didn't go over, partly because I've learned that opening day isn't the best preparation for writing entries for the blog. I did get a "sneak preview" for Ramsey County Library staff about a week ago, and I'm eager to see the finishing touches that were missing the day I was there. Were you there, JT? What was your impression?


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