Tuesday, August 7, 2012

9. Hennepin County, Minneapolis Central Library

This library on Nicollet Mall is almost my home away from home. I take classes at the U of M, and Minneapolis Central is the midpoint of my trip by bus when I take the #61. It's also where I can find books I just can't find anywhere else. Extensive stacks, and I believe something like 95% of the collection is available to the public. The Hennepin Ave. lobby has kept me warm while I waited for my bus on cold winter nights, and the Dunn Bros. coffee shop in the lobby did the same when I missed the 8:09 and had to wait another hour.

The building is huge. I like the interactive wall features as you enter the children's area, and the under-floor feature in the J non-fiction area. There's a great program room for the kids.

Many, many public computers, almost always busy. The staff throughout have always been helpful. I love going into the compressed stacks and making the shelves move in order to locate some obscure volume I've read about somewhere and just have to see.

6/26/2012, bus

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