Sunday, May 22, 2016

406 Vaughn Public Library, Ashland, WI

This downtown library is located on the first floor of a good-looking brick building. The entrance is around the corner to the left in the picture below, where there is a long, narrow lobby with a pair of benches. Entering the library proper and turning right brings you to a "living room" area for browsing and reading. I counted eight computers nearby, and a sign informed me that this day, May 20, is "National Pizza Party Day." No pizza or party for me, but I caught up when I got home the next day.

A window corner houses the children's area, with lots of bins and cubbies for picture books, along with a rack displaying the newest additions. A large collection of hanging bags with chapter books and audio CDs was nice to see. In my experience, sets like this are often limited to picture books. There is also a collection of "Travel With Me Backpacks" (actually bags) that provide a variety of activities suited for a trip. One example hold four books, three monkey puppets, a dry-erase board, and a CD. There is a shelf of board books in alphabetical order and a shelf of children's music CDs, as well as junior fiction and non-fiction. A rack holds a set of Beatrix Potter books (and one A.A. Milne). One computer is designated for kids' use.

Over the teen area and part of the non-fiction stacks is a "ceiling" of black straps and colored panels. Very unusual, and interesting.

The library has a LOT of books on CD. I've noticed during this trip that most libraries have more audio books than I'd expect. In one place I stopped, I learned that many of these are donated. Perhaps that is also true here, but I didn't ask.

During the summer, story and activity programs are presented at the Ashland Farmers Market from 10-12 on Saturdays. A nice way to take programming to where the kids are likely to be. And perhaps it keeps kids occupied while their parents shop?

Watching over the whole libary is Sage, a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g sea serpent. How long? Well, about as long as the whole children's area. There was a contest to name Sage; the significance may relate to wisdom...or may not. Here's a picture of the magnificent beast. Look way down by the far window to see its tail!


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