Saturday, May 21, 2016

403 Ontonagon MI Township Library

The Ontonagon Township Library is located in  the Ontonagon Town Memorial Building. Ramps lead to the building from the parking lot and sidewalk.

The first thing I saw in the lobby--I couldn't miss it--was this home-grown box for after-hours book returns. I sometimes think I should create a post with all the interesting book returns I've seen. This one would be in it, for sure!

The picture below shows the lively children's corner of the library. The are two small chairs, an easy chair and a rocker, for little kids, plus a ride-on rocking airplane that you can just glimpse in the lower left corner. Magnetic letters are scattered on a metal panel on the wall, and there are a play kitchen and bagged sets of games and puzzles to borrow. There is an octagonal tale with kid-sized chairs, and I especially like all the live plants on the windowsills.

When I was there, four of the the six public computers were in use and a woman was using wi-fi to work on her own laptop. This shows clearly how valuable the library is to the community. There were a goodly number of books for kids, teens, and adults, plus CDs, DVDs, and Play-Aways.

A sign says that the last checkout is 15 minutes before closing. I'm sure that saves wear and tear on staff, but it seems a bit rigid. I wonder how strictly it is enforced?

Each library I visit, and it's more than 400 now, I see something new. Here, it's the signs in the non-fiction area that guide one to the books. I was told that the librarian, Leo, is responsible for these. He has created "word clouds" appropriate for each category and used these as a background for the numbers. For example, the 900s would have a word cloud formed of words related to travel and history. It's a really nice touch. If you see Leo, please tell him I said so!



  1. It's a real asset for the community. Plenty of books, helpful staff, good access to computers.


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