Tuesday, May 17, 2016

389 Thunder Bay, ON, Brodie Resource Library

When I was putting the Brodie Library address into my gps, it asked for "N" or "S" Brodie. I didn't know, so I guessed instead of checking, and of course I guessed wrong. This would have been a minor issue, except that Brodie is interupted by a number of large buildings. But I found it, and it turned out to a a handsome Carnegie library. On entering I saw that the upper level houses reference and Internet, while the lower level is for kids, fiction, and media.

I went upstairs first and enjoyed the tall windows with arched stained glass tops honoring classic authors, the elaborate ceiling, and the classic columns. All very handsome
To the left is a bright area for browsing near the newspapers and non-fiction stacks.I noticed that Reference books, marked with R on the spine, and shelved with the non-fiction books. The library where I used to work switched to this system not too long ago; it seems to be an acknowledgement that paper reference materials are on the way out. But they still don't circulate!

To the right, the space does not have columns and most material is on wall shelves, giving the room a pleasant open, spacious feeling.  There are carrels, at least 11 computers, a World War I uniform on display, map files, local history clipping files, and many card catalog drawers with an index to local papers.

On the lower level, one side houses the fiction stacks, snack and soda vending machines, large print books, music and recorded books CDs, videos, and DVDs.  As I walked to the kids' side, I enjoyed a display of books "to make you green with envy." At first I thought these were gardening books; then I realized that they were simply green books. Neat.

The children's area has all the kinds of books one would expect.  I like some shelf labels with suggestions like "If you like Junie B. Jones, try these: Clementine, Ivy + Bean, (and others). There are also two computers for kids and a wooden train set with the tracks firmly affixed to a low table. 
I noticed that requested book "Holds" are kept behind the circulation desk. And taking a picture of the Carnegie stained glass behind the desk required special permission.


Library website: http://www.tbpl.ca/

Looking along the sidewalk

The entrance

Mr. Carnegie himself, behind the circulation desk

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