Friday, May 20, 2016

291a Munising, MI Public Library

I first visited the Munising library in August 2014, and so I was planning to give it a miss this trip. Then I came through the town, around the bend in the road, and there it was. So, what the heck, I'll give it a couple of minutes for a refresher.

Well, it didn't even feel like the same place. For one thing, the librarian was there, and she was friendly!

The class pictures are still on the walls. These are large sheets with all students in their separate spaces. They have been moved all around town, from one school to the library to another school and back again. I didn't check how far back they go, but...far. It's quite a project to get these fragile pages cleaned and framed--somewhat like the project going on at the library in Paradise, MI. Here in Munising the heroes are the class of 1957; after their last (thinly-attended) reunion they decided to disband--and they turned over the remainder of their treasury to the library for this project. Way to go, Class of  1957!

I glanced back at my earlier entry and think that the children's area has changed the most in two years. A reference section is in a back room, which I didn't explore. The library serves as a county library. The old card catalog drawers are being used for a seed library. And the librarian is definitely not the "quiet, incurious" person I met on my last visit!


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