Tuesday, May 17, 2016

392 Red Rock, ON Public Library

This library shares space with other community offices. The librarian, whose name I failed to record, is one of the most energetic library staff I've met--and she's a major booster for the library, for sure.

The after-hours bookdrop here is like no other I've seen, a simple and very sturdy-looking plywood box with a serious padlock. I saw this because, as I realized later, I had slipped in the "back" door from the town office lobby. Because of where I had parked, I didn't even realize that there is a front door!

It sounds as if there is a program or club for every age and interest, with a lot of community involvement. The Friends of the Library, for example, are involved with non-library projects.
"Maker Space" here involves carpentry (birdhouses) and art (mobiles). I spotted a book titled "Aboriginals and Pioneers" written and published by the St Hillary School Grade 3/4 Class. I read a bit and looked at the pictures; it's very well done.

DVDs reside in plastic sleeves in thick notebooks with labels like Kids Cartoons, Kids Animated, and so forth.  In one corner I saw an Ellison Letter Machine. I haven't seen one of these devises for cutting out letters and shapes in a long time!

The library is particularly proud (with good cause) of the history notebooks that have been created by scanning many old documents and pictures (done by a volunteer) and putting them in large otebooks (provided by the library), allowing access to the content while keeping the originals safe. This must have been a massive project, and the results are truly impressive.

Other things noticed were periodicals, fiction of all types, non-fiction, a display of work by local authors, and a large rack of government and consumer publications.



Sharing space; there really is a library sign in one of the upper windows.

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