Saturday, May 21, 2016

405 Hurley, WI Public Library

I thought my gps was pranking me when it said that my next stop after Ironwood was five minutes away! There is a simple explanation: Ironwood and Hurley are "twin towns"--but in different states! Sure enough, five minutes got me there.

The sad news is that my camera did not save correctly; there is a file, but there's no picture. Batteries that had been freshly charged when I set out in the morning were now as dead as doornails. So I strongly suggest you go to the library website for pictures and more information.

The library shares a building with the city offices. It is in a single bright and pleasant room. I noticed particularly a collection of local history books, including The Murder of Andrew Sigler, which looked like a book I'd enjoy reading. So far, I haven't been able to find it online at any library where my card works, but I will keep looking.

One thing that struck me was the large number of audio books on CD. Actually, I've seen a lot of these on this trip, and guess that this might correlate to the level of cabin fever during the winter up here. At one library, (Nipigon, I think) the librarian told me that many of the audio books were donated. I suspect that is true elsewhere, perhaps here in Hurley. There are also a lot of DVDs, and the same reasoning applies.

There are of course fiction, non-fiction, and picture books for the youngsters.


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