Monday, May 23, 2016

178a Forest Lodge Library, Cable, WI

My weeklong trip around Lake Superior was over and I was headed from Bayfield to Hayward, Wisconsin for an ice cream treat before getting the cats from Casey's Place in Stacy, MN, and heading home. As I drove through Cable on Rte. 63 something prompted me to look left...and I got just a glimpse of a library I've visieted before. After something resembling a U-turn, I parked across the street from the Forest Lodge Library.

This library was fouded in 1925, 91 years ago, by Mary Livingston Griggs. It is now on the National and State Register of Historic Places, and is the oldest log cabin library in Wisconsin.

When I came here before almost three years ago I did not take interior pictures of the libraries I visited. Now I generally do, when permission is granted, and so I can share this special place with readers of the blog. 

The fireplace is the centerpiece, straight ahead when you enter.

I wanted to show the joinery that is used to create the log shelves,
but I'm afraid I really didn't capture it.

There are several "bays" like this along the right-hand wall, with wall shelves along the left.
The books on the very top shelf are antiques and do not circulate.

Although it is on the Register of Historic Places, the library provides wi-fi and a couple of computers for patron use. The motto of the library is "Where the future resides in the past." In addition to being the community library, it is a poular tourist stop. I recommend it.


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