Tuesday, May 17, 2016

391 Thunder Bay, ON County Park Branch

This library is a cousin to one of the Duluth branch libraries, in that it is located in a small shopping mall. As in Duluth, you enter the mall, walk straight ahead, and there is the library. However, County Park Branch has something I'm pretty sure Duluth lacks: Alice, a ghostly presence which has been seen and/or heard by many!

As often happens when I get talking to staff at the beginning of a visit, I tend to neglect my notes.  I can say, however, that the kids' area has two computers, lots of series books, a wooden train table (with  the track fastened down), and several couches and easy chairs. Many stuffed animals line the tops of the shelves.

When I was looking at the periodicals in the adult area, I noticed that Finnish periodicals "Seura and Apu are now shelved with the Finnish books."

At this point staff were busy with patrons, so I slipped away. No, I did not see or hear Alice!


Library website:  http://www.tbpl.ca/

A library inside a mall...

...is still a library!
(no picture of Alice)

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  1. County Park used to be at the back end of the mall! It was reopened in its new location last fall.


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