Wednesday, June 5, 2013

173. Public Library, Dunbarton, New Hampshire

Two favorites before I even got inside: a garden area near the entrance with a sign "The Secret Garden" and some statues representing children's books; and a door mat with three cats and the legend "Please wipe your paws."

I have to cite this library for its attentive staff. The moment I was in the door I was greeted, and when I explained my mission, I was given a very thorough tour. The The upper level is one large meeting room with lots of potential. Of course, potential = money required, as always. There are a few old folding chairs, the kind that have three seats joined together; I haven't seen those for ages. Well, except at my sister's house!

The children's area has a mural of a castle and dragon brightening the walls, lots of stuffed animals, and a decent selection of books. The rest of the main floor houses sections of westerns, mysteries, graphic novels, media, and the fiction and non-fiction collections. There is a telescope available to check out. I especially liked a three-panel exhibit of photographs of "Your Neighborhood Library" in action.

Shortly after I arrived, a book discussion group was due to meet. I was invited to join them, and the refreshments were tempting, but I had not read the book and I was due to be on the road again in the morning, heading back to Minnesota, so I had to say no.

Here's an addition: I forgot to mention the local alphabet book I was given before I left. Individuals and families contributed pages, some art in various media, some photos, some words. A Dunbarton alphabet: artifacts, birches, Cooper's hawks, daffodils, egg, flowers, garter snake, hen keeping, icicles, jack-o-lantern, Kimball Pond, Lady's slipper, moose, nuthatch, Old Man of the Mountain, porcupine, quilt, rock walls, sap, tadpoles, unique, turkey Vulture, winter, X marks the spot (geographical center of New England is in Dunbarton), yellow finch, and ZIP code 03046.The whole is spiral bound in clear plastic covers; it was created in 2011, a wonderful community project.

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