Wednesday, June 5, 2013

170. Lincoln, New Hampshire, Public Library

This is a rather unusual and very attractive library. A framed letter from President Clinton offers congratulations on the opening of this building in 1997. The original Lincoln Library opened in 1905; a time capsule was placed in a glassed niche high on one wall, to be opened in 2105. The location will help future generations remember that there is a time capsule--and where it is.

Directly ahead when one enters is a space that looks like a very nice living room. There is a wide window, sofas and easy chairs, periodicals and newspapers, and a notice that an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal is available; get the login and password from staff.

An attractive meeting room is dedicated to the Friends of the Library. There are 5 (I think) computers and wi-fi is available. There is a $2.00 charge for non-residents to use the computers. Since this is a vacation area winter and summer, I think this is a reasonable policy in order to keep the computers from being overwhelmed by drop-in visitors. All computer users must sign "I have read the Acceptable Use Policy..." with full name, time of use, and computer number.

In the Reference Room and throughout the building walls hold art and old photos of the area. I spotted a large Agatha Christie collection and a display of new children's books provided by a Foundation. There are two telescopes, and it's here I figured out the situation with telescopes and New Hampshire libraries: the state Astronomy Society (I may have the name wrong, but you get the idea) is providing the telescopes in order to stimulate interest in astronomy. I learned that the Society would be giving a presentation soon, and after that the telescopes would be available to patrons. What a wonderful idea!

A teen area has a good selection of YA fiction, two tall tables with chairs, and some beanbag chairs.

In the children's area there is an electric typewriter (!) and a poster from Positive Promotions titled "8 ways to become a great reader." I like that poster a lot and will try to find it online. Books are designated JF and JNF; I don't think I've seen that before.

In a separate area for the preschool crowd there are nice wall murals based on "Where the Wild Things Are" and "The Giving Tree." There is a large collection of picture books, and book bags provided by The Polar Express "I Believe in Books" Literacy Foundation hold four books on a theme that circulate as a set. And there are two plush ponies, two dragons, and a unicorn, all big enough for a toddler to "ride." I chatted quite a while with friendly staff. This is a really nice community library.

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