Wednesday, June 5, 2013

175. Mooers Free Library, Mooers, New York

This small library caught my eye six or seven years ago. It was the town name that attracted me first; I wanted to think it had something to do with cows, but no such luck; it's actually named for General Benjamin Mooers from the 1812 era. I visited then, but had not been back since. The outside is the same (I think), but the inside is totally changed from what I remember.

I like the sign outside, "Please contact librarian before donating books." I often see variations of this sign, and they always reminds me of the day I had to stack about 50 books, mostly inappropriate and mildewy, onto the bookdrop cart where I work. It's a laudable impulse, but ... well, you  know.

There is a media corner with chairs and a large TV. The book collection is limited, but the library is part of a consortium and inter-library loans are readily available. No overdue fines are charged, but there is a container for donations, and I understand that this may bring in more money than fines would. I saw another library recently with this policy; their collection container was labeled "The Conscience Jar."

The children's area is in the lower level. There is a YA section with beanbag chairs and some seating and tables for younger children. Again, the collections are limited but ILL is well used.

And I mustn't forget to mention a large mural of cats high on one wall. I'm an ailurophile, and the painting is well done.

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  1. As a member of the Library committee, I think you have summed up the Library pretty well. We also have a wii and we will be moving to a new location once its built with a community center

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jonas. Somebody must have put out the word about the blog, because Mooers has had about 56 hits already--that's pretty unusual. I'll try to plan next summer's trip so I can visit the new location and write an update. I look forward to it.

  3. Our new librarian has tried very hard to bring positive change to the library and although I am guilty of moving into the digital age with an ereader, I am still a library patron as Jackie was very proactive in making sure I knew when ebooks were becoming available on the CEFLS system. I don't visit the building often but love how welcoming she has made it and can't wait to see the new location!


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