Friday, June 14, 2013

29a. Anoka County Library, Rum River Branch, Anoka MN--Revisit

A sign as I entered informed me that during my visit I might be photographed, videotaped, or recorded, by library staff or contractors, and the results displayed at the library. Well, forewarned is forearmed; I resolved to behave even better than usual during this visit!

I also saw a sign that is probably displayed at all of the Anoka County branches: kids 17 and under can "read down your fines" through the whole month of June, at the rate of 15 minutes of reading to forgive $1.00 in fines. Nice deal!

The oldest thing in the library? The walls, which are made of 450 million year old Kasota limestone from Mankato, MN, [I was told "kerasota" limestone and 400 million years; after some on-line checking, I made a couple of revisions.]

I really like the custom here of shelving audio books along with "real" books. They are not totally interleaved, as I've seen in at least one other place, but sort of in clumps: Books by authors whose last names start with A, for example, would be together, with any audio books that go with them on the same or a nearby shelf..

There are at least three murals in the kids' area, including one in a room that is used for programs. There are lots of windows. A "fire engine" provided a cozy seat for one young boy; shelves nearby featured many books about fire fighting. There are three computers for chidren.

Moving over to the adult area, there are vending machines for hot drinks and soda. A sign in the rest room says that if one needs a diaper for "your baby's emergency," to speak to staff in the children's area. That's a wonderful service.

There is a windowed corner with a computer, the YA collection, and seating for teens.

Large window bays are used for seating areas for browsing; these look out on a natural area with bluebird houses nearby and a forested parkland beyond. Very nice. Newspapers are displayed in an unusual way, in large hanging folders. There are many carrells and about a dozen computers for adult use; a detailed Internet Use Policy is displayed near the station used to reserve a computer. There are at least ten Archer Mayor mysteries, which earns bonus points!

On the non-fiction shelves I spotted a couple of issues of Say it in Writing a Creative Writers Newsletter. "If you are willing to share your writings, your expertise or opinions, or if you are just interested in improving your skills or vocabulary, even if you just want to listen and enjoy the fellowship of others from varied backgrounds with the same interests, come join Creative Writers Connection at 1:00 PM every Monday at the Coon Rapids Civic Center." The validation of having their writing printed and placed in the library where anyone can read it must be very validating for members of this club.

6/14/2013, car

When I visited in 2012 it was too darned hot to do anything outside; this year I took a long walk in the park and took this picture looking back at the library.

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