Monday, June 3, 2013

167. Durham Town Library, Durham, NH

I should wait a few months for this one, but here goes. Durham, New Hampshire, home of the University of New Hampshire, is also the home of the first new library in New Hampshire in almost a century. Others have built new buildings, of course, changed their location, changed their name, but Durham has used the University library until now. Soon, they will have a handsome new building of their own, but for now they are in temporary quarters in a small mall. And today--they were closed.

I gleaned what I could from the outside: they offer babysitter training, there will be storytelling at a bonfire....  The book return box makes it clear that donations should not be left there. "Donations accepted inside during the last week of each month." A sign on a separate media return box says "No books in this box." If you've ever seen the results of a heavy travel book, let's say, landing on a CD in a plastic'll understand.

As we drove out of town, we passed the site of the new library, and I will be sure to get there the next time I'm in NH. It looks gorgeous. See for yourself at I left my usual note with the blog address in the book return box. If anyone at the Durham library sees this, don't be embarrassed by your storefront location. For one thing, it's temporary. And you can search this blog for "storefront" and see that you are in good company.

Added: After posting this, I had an email pointing out that "temporary" is something of a misnomer; the library has been in this location for a decade. I look forward to checking out the new site next year.

6/3/2013, car, with Mary, Victoria, Weston, Barrett


  1. Actually, the Durham Public Library has been in that location for the last 15 years, so it's not quite accurate to call it temporary or to say that Durham has used the University library "until now." But the new library is an exciting prospect and the town does deserve credit for raising the money to make it happen.

  2. The "NEW" Durham Public library is now completed and operational. If you find yourself visiting again please stop in and see.

  3. SMP Architecture, and anyone else who may find this page: Note that I DID visit the new library, and you will find my reactions by searching "Durham" or looking at the posts for December, 2013. Very nice work, SMP.


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