Wednesday, June 5, 2013

172. Goffstown Public Library, Goffstown, New Hampshire

This library was originally Memorial Library, built to honor those from the town who served in wars from the Revolution to the War of the Rebellion. Marble panels bearing the names of all who served cover the walls of one room.

I entered from the parking lot at the lowest level, which houses the children's area. There are several staff desks that are placed around the area, not clustered. Bundles of brochures for the summer reading program were ready for distribution; kids in NH don't get out of school until mid or late June, so the program won't start for a while yet. Two long low tables at right angles looked ready for programs, and I like the bright orange book shelves. Though this area is partly underground, high windows and good lighting dispelled any possibility of gloom. There is a good collection of E and J books, and I saw many book-and-audio bags.

I took the elevator to the main level (I never spotted any stairs) where I found the honor roll mentioned above. A teen area had flyers related to several book awards I am not familiar with, including the Isinglass 2012-2013 books, titles suggested by 7th and 8th graders, and the Flume nominees.

A friendly sign advises that if you "need to request an item or place a hold, ask the second floor staff." A rhyming sign I saw in the adult non-fiction area requests that you "Browse through our books./Oh the things you'll find!/But let us put them away;/It's our job, we don't mind." It adds "If you take a book off the shelf, please place it on the empty shelves below. Thanks."

This non-fiction room has something I know exists but I hadn't seen in my visits so far: a library ladder that hooks onto a rail above the shelves and rolls sideways to the place where it is needed. A sign advises that it is for the use of staff only....

I didn't visit the third floor, but I learned from staff and from the list in the elevator that it houses workrooms, a copier, newspapers, magazines, local history, oversized books, the reference desk, a conference room, and a study area. Staff on the first and second levels were friendly and helpful. I hope that if I've messed up any of the details here, they will leave a Comment so I can make corrections.

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