Friday, June 14, 2013

28a. Anoka County Library, Crooked Lake Branch, Coon Rapids, MN--Revisit

"Bookawocky" is the summer reading program throughout the Twin Cities metro and suburban area--a nicely vague label that different libraries interpret as suits them. Here, the display is of old-timey luggage and piles of books wrapped in maps. Very nice. I also liked a bulletin board titled "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" (which it has been lately), with 3D clouds at the top, pictures of cats and dogs at the bottom, and plenty of related storybooks nearby.

The children's area has a large window that is low enough for the toddler set to look out. An Art Cart had pattern blocks, and there are a number of signs telling parents how various activities help their kids develop. (A wall shelf labeled "Early Literacy Toys" was empty...hmmm.)

I spotted about 10 public computers. A shelf labeled "Reference" holds non-fiction books on CD--signage hasn't kept up with some furniture rearrangement, perhaps. All non-fiction, including J, is shelved together.

The request shelves have signs explaining how to pick up holds, and points out that if you have many, they may be on the bottom shelf. All items circulate for three weeks; interlibrary loans, rental DVDs, and books that have been requested may not be renewed. Although everything can be borrowed for three weeks, the signs point out that "early returns are appreciated."

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