Wednesday, June 5, 2013

171. Gordon Nash Library, New Hampton, New Hampshire

This library was provided to the town by Gordon Nash. The the library's catchphrase is and always has been "Free to all residents, students, or sojourners." The attractive original building has been enlarged without spoiling its appearance.

There are four public computers, a large-print corner, a table of books that are "A gift to us from Quest books," and best of all, a three-ring binder labeled "Library Humor Book" full of library-related cartoons! A note in the front asks patrons to accept it in the spirit intended; after all, a certain amount of library humor pokes gentle fun at patrons. The pages are in plastic sheet protectors, and I think every library should start a book like this.

A grandfather clock reminded me that I think there has been at least one such clock in every library I've visited in NH.

The children's area has a United States puzzle (every children's library should have one, in my opinion) and an old school chalkboard in a frame that turns in its wooden stand. Large sidewalk chalk is abundant, and I can imagine children "playing school" here. Art materials are available on a table for "passive programming" and the smallest books are kept in small bins on a low shelf.

Downstairs, a meeting room runs the width of the building. Glass-fronted bookcases run the length of one wall, probably the collection of the founder (I forgot to ask) and an exhibit of local art graces the opposite wall. There is a grand piano, and just off this room is a small kitchen.

There are several other rooms and alcoves, one housing a book sale and piles of magazines. A sign states that the magazines are free, and encourages visitors to "take a whole pile." So I took a year's worth of Saturday Evening Post, which I didn't even know was still published. After I look at them, they will go to the Friends' Bookstore in Minneapolis for further recycling.

The entrance to the library holds a colorful "book house" (see below) with a sign inviting one to "take a book, bring a book--or not."

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6/4/2013, car, with Jean

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  1. Thank you for including the Gordon-Nash Library on your tour!

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