Thursday, July 3, 2014

249. Detroit Lakes Public Library, Minnesota

I didn't know this would be a Carnegie library, so it was a pleasant surprise. Its Carnegie-ness sank in slowly, based on large windows, high ceilings, and oak furniture. It celebrated its centennial last year, 2013; I celebrated by buying (another) tote bag!

The children's area was especially striking, with short coat racks, a low table with shelves/dividers, and bins for picture books, all looking like original oak furniture. There is a huge cushioned window seat on one wall. I like the cat sculpture! A children's restroom is a good feature, and I like the sign that says "A responsible adult must accompany preschool children at all time."

The summer reading program here is Paws to Read, and features a dog named Rocket--a dog that learns to read from a bird, in a picture book I've read to kids several times.

There are three levels. I entered on the middle, or main level, and saw that there are meeting rooms on the lower level. (I didn't go down.) The upper level is really a half-level up on one end of the building. The left side is mainly for school age kids and teens, though when I was there the only occupant was an adult reading a newspaper. The right side has the almost-obligatory fireplace. The space is well lighted by large windows, some very tall, others near the ceiling. I believe this end of the building is the original.

Back on the main level, public Internet computers are clustered by the Information desk. There are a couple of small study rooms with windows to the outside. A very interesting feature was a short hall leading to the restrooms and drinking fountain; the hall has a window wall, providing a clear view for library staff. A nice touch; I've seen cases where restrooms seem rather isolated.

This is the only library I've seen that has a collection bin for old strings of holiday lights!

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7/3/2014, car

I managed to miss the "Carnegie-ness" in the pictures. Mea maxima culpa.
The pictures do not do this library justice!

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