Thursday, July 3, 2014

251. Winkler, Manitoba, Canada Public Library

This library is about six years old. I like the architectural touches inside, especially the laminated-wood beams and the metal supports that remind me of double-trunked trees, with bench seating around the bottom. Before I spotted those, however, I saw a full-sized tent in the entry, with a bunch of carpet squares inside. Story time? Just a place to hang out?

This library is getting into science in a big way for its summer reading program. Across from the tent is a "Eureka Summer Reading Club Lab," where it appears various experiments must be done from time to time. I followed some laminated footsteps on the floor to the children's area, where a couple of teen-age volunteers were reading and standing by to assist kids with the reading program. On the wall was an enormous graphic of scientific apparatus labeled "Mad Scientist Lab Soda Pop Challenge." I didn't totally understand, but I gathered that there are a couple of reading teams and the idea is to get your points credited to part of this graphic. A display case showed the many, many prizes that can be won. This reminded me of a recent post about prizes for summer reading programs; see it at Scroll down to the entry about Books as Prizes.

Something very special in the children's area is how pairs of shelves have been joined by arches and fabric to create The Eureka Tunnel of Discovery. Signs sticking out from the ends of shelves invite you to Electric Street, Tin Tin Lane, and so forth. The list of kids' series books is astonishing!


A couple of tables by large windows allow kids to sit and read and look out at grass and trees. Just beyond this area, there are two adult "living room" areas, also by large windows. There is a large public park just outside this library, providing some of the nice views.

The History Society Archives have their own room, open 3-5 on Wednesdays or by appointment.

This area is home to a large Mennonite population, which (I assume) accounts for a large collection of books in German, and a section near the reference books of Mennonite-related books in many categories.

7/3/2014, car

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