Saturday, July 5, 2014

254. Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

This wasn't a full-fledged visit, because I didn't go inside. I didn't expect to see the Medicine Hat Library at all, because I got in too late last night, and had to be back on the road too early this morning. But as I headed out of town I saw the universal blue-and-white library sign, and figured I could at least drive by.

Good choice, as the drive took me though a very nice neighborhood of well-kept houses and mature trees. The library, as expected, was not open. There were two intriguing signs on the door, one about a summer reading club for teens, the other about an afternoon drop-in program.

And there was a nice young man waiting on a bench for the library to open. He had about 40 minutes to wait! I asked him if he would do me the favor of giving one of my "leave behind" cards to someone on library staff, and he agreed to do so.

To learn more about this library, go to or check them out at I'm puzzled, however. The picture in Facebook doesn't look like the library I saw. I was looking from a different angle, perhaps? Someone will read this and leave a clarifying comment, perhaps? Please?

7/5/14, car

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